Why our long handled spider catcher is a better design

When dealing with monster spiders......

Would you rather have a short handled bug catcher or a reeeeaaaalllyyy long handle? Yep, us too

Would you rather twist the end of the very long handle that is in your hand to close the cup? Or would you prefer to get up close and personal to close a hatch? Yes, again, we agree!

The short, trapdoor type of spider catcher has flaws:

  • It risks damaging the spider or other creature you are trying to save by guillotining it if the trap door slams down as you twist it on the wall
  • On the floor, you have no choice but to use a foot or hand to get really close to the spider to close the door {{shudder}}
  • On the ceiling you have problems because the handle is not long enough to reach and even if it does, how will you close the hatch?

The vaccuum type of spider catcher has flaws:

  • It needs batteries - can be expensive and you can bet those batteries will be dead when you need it most
  • It is noisy - the spider will hear you coming
  • The end needs to be small for the vacuum to work - risking big spiders running off before you can catch them

The splayed bristle type of spider catcher has flaws:

  • If you are unlucky you will find a spider half in and half out of the closed catcher, wriggling and trying to drop out {{ewww ewww ewww}}

Our spider catcher is the best design we have found:

  • No batteries
  • No risk of guillotining the creature you are trying to save
  • Silent
  • Nice big cup
  • Nice long handle [73cm]
  • Twist the end that is in your hand to close
  • Then twist the other way to safely release the creature
  • Works great on walls, ceiling or floor
  • No need to get close!

Keep one handy and in reach in spider season and enjoy knowing that you can deal with even monster spiders kindly, quickly and without getting close!

Rainbow Cool Stuff long handled spider catcher


See our long handled spider catcher vs a short tapdoor type spider catcher here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8AS8Tc4Hic